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Circle of Change Supports Better Mental Health Through Our Dog Programs

Circle of Change serves U.S. Military Veterans, First Responders and At-Risk Youth suffering with mental health issues (i.e. PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Depression, Anxiety, etc.) through FREE dog training/handling classes designed to renew a sense of community and to increase self-reliance, confidence & trust.

Our dog trainers provide dogs for our classes. Most of these dogs are in need of additional obedience training. (Perfect for keeping class-time fresh and fun each week!

If a participant chooses, then he/she/they may bring their own dog, as long as it meets the safety requirements of the COC Programs (proper vaccinations + behavioral screening by our trainer in advance of beginning classes with us.)

Circle of Change is a nonprofit that targets specific groups of individuals that are at a higher than average risk of dying by suicide. We currently offer free dog programs for the following groups:

  • U.S. Military Veterans
  • Youth (ages 9-19) with a mental health diagnosis/or community partner referral
  • First Responders, currently serving + retired

Studies show that dogs can help humans:

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Elevate Dopamine + Oxytocin (Aid in Positive Feelings)
  • Reduce Stress + Anxiety
  • Ease Loneliness
  • Encourage Exercise
  • Improve All-Around Health
  • Increase Self-Worth (Responsibility leads to skills)
  • Aid in Socialization (Particularly individuals ages 50+)
  • Increases Sense of Purpose
  • A Dog Will Never Judge

Would you like to show your support to our veterans or honor a family member by helping to make these classes possible? Please consider donating the cost of a class ($150) or a series of classes for those we serve!